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Interviewing for Effective New-Hire Selection



Interviewing and selecting the best candidates for hire can be a difficult and time-consuming task.  Each participant will be asked to bring a job description of an open (or, if no current open positions, a past) position within their organization and actual resumes received from applicants for that position.  These materials allow for immediate application for participants.



Increase awareness of the role of the interviewer.

Apply a five-step process to prepare for the interview.

Apply a twelve-point system to follow when conducting the

Practice and obtain written and verbal feedback on interviewing




Course overview - Welcome/Introduction/Expectations

   Selecting the right person for the job

  Selling your organization

Preparing for the interview

  Technical v. interpersonal skills

  What skills do you seek?

  Lawful/unlawful questions (legal issues)

  Designing questions tailored to the position

  Five-step interview preparation review

Practicing the Interview

  First impressions

  Interviewing pitfalls

  Twelve key points for interviewing

  Practice your skills

Next steps - Action planning



All employees who interview for new hires.  Class size maximum 24



Course Length

Two day workshop.