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Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders



Gone are the days when leadership flowed strictly from top to bottom.  As people at all levels become more responsible for taking initiatives to advance organizational goals, the concept of “follower” and “leader” is certainly redefined. Today we are all responsible for helping shape and advance our organization’s goals, mission, and vision.  This workshop is based on book The Courageous Followers by Ira Chaleff.  Leaders and staff are joined in a common purpose.  This purpose is what drives, directs, energizes, excites, motivates -- leads -- us all.



Identify four dimensions of being a courageous follower.

Identify three components of the Courage to Serve.

Recognize three components of the Courage to Assume

Understand the importance of establishing a foundation of trust and

   credibility to effectively apply the Courage to Challenge.

Discover the importance of exercising the Courage to Leave only

   after all other options have been exhausted.

Determine how you can promote and cultivate courageous

   behaviors among team members.



This workshop is designed for either managers, supervisors and

   team leaders, or separately for staff members.


Course Length

Four hours.