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with Emphasis in Development of Employee and Management Interpersonal Skills

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Confronting Effectively



The word "confronting" usually assumes negative connotations: "battle," "defy," "oppose," "resist."   However, participants will learn to turn this negative connotation to positive to solve major task and personality problems not only in the workplace, but in their personal life as well.



Evaluate each participant's current behavior in conflict situations
Identify the "five conflict-handling modes"
Examine barriers that keep supervisors/managers from confronting
Describe communication triggers that provoke specific kinds of

Practice appropriate confrontational communication skills


Workshop introduction/expectations/objectives
Conflict modes and confrontation
Confrontation skills:  Avoiding "hooks"
Case studies

Action planning



All managers, supervisors and team leaders.  Class size maximum 24 participants.

Course Length

One full workday, with two 15-minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch.