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with Emphasis in Development of Employee and Management Interpersonal Skills

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Negotiating to Success



The primary purpose of this workshop is to give you the opportunity to improve your negotiation skills with others in a way that strengthens rather than hurts relationships.  The "win/win" approach improves communication, teamwork, and the quality of work life.  Effective negotiation skills also contribute to stress reduction-these are "life" skills, not just "work" skills.  



Raise concerns in a way that invites cooperation
Explore issues to discover underlying interests
Generate options for mutual gain
Develop agreements both parties can act on


Course overview - Welcome/Introduction/Expectations
Ground rules
Negotiation strategies
Strategies 1 - 5
Overview of conflict
Next steps - Action planning


Employees at all levels.  Class size maximum 24 participants.


Course Length

One full workday, with two 15-minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch.