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Excellent Customer Service



Providing superior customer service is not optional.  Superior customer service is the key to remaining profitable in an increasingly service-oriented and competitive business climate. Good customer service is not slogans nor campaigns nor television advertisement.  It is the result of focused and intense attention to a few basic principles and the strategic and tactical implementation of these principles throughout an organization. Customer service is as important to the small business as it is to the large ones.



Identify both excellent and poor customer service
Identify ways to improve customer service in your own work
Identify ways to improve customer service in your own work units/

Demonstrate how to put effective customer-service skills to work to

solve a customer's problem


Workshop introduction/expectations
What is good customer service?
Your job and customer satisfaction
Treating customers like people
Building customer-service skills
Application on the job
Next steps and action planning


All employees.  Class size maximum 24 participants.


Course Length

One full workday, with two 15-minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch.