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Business Ethics



A major problem with business ethics is the lack of a universal definition of ethics and no agreement on appropriate behaviors.  How do business people resolve issues involving questionable ethics?  Unfortunately, there is no “one right answer.”  Rather, a “best” answer to the tough questions they face emerges based on the results of a process of inquiry.  This workshop is designed to: explore how issues of ethics affect business operations; expose you to a variety of ethical issues; and provide you an opportunity to analyze situations, explore alternatives, and exercise good judgment so that you are better prepared to handle ethically challenging situations as they arise.



•  Define ethics and ethical behavior.
•  Describe three models of ethics.
•  Use a six-step process when analyzing ethical dilemmas.


•  Course Overview
•  Choices
•  Models of Ethics
•  The Need for Awareness
•  Steps in Examining Ethical Situations
•  Applying the Steps (Case Studies)
•  Managing an Ethical Work Place
•  Action Planning

   Pre-Course Work
•  Participants must submit (2 weeks prior to class) an ethical dilemma

   they have faced or know about.


•  Managers, supervisors, team leaders, business owners.


Course Length

•  One full workday, with two 15-minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch.