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with Emphasis in Development of Employee and Management Interpersonal Skills

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Managing with Assertiveness



This program will examine your role as a supervisor in influencing, changing, and/or modifying the performance of your subordinates.  Overall objective is to enhance your assertive communication skills between yourself and your employees.



Discover normal personality differences in people.

Practice strategies for assertively dealing with different personalities.

Apply effective communication techniques.
Identify your conflict resolution style.



Course overview - Welcome/Introduction/Expectations

  Objectives/Assumptions/Ground Rule

   Personality Preferences



   Effects in Work Situations

   Temperament in Leading

   Work Styles

   Communication Preferences

   Behavior Styles

   Becoming More Assertive

   When Assertively Communicating With...

   Conflict Resolution Preferences

   Conflict Management Style Survey

   Conflict Management Styles

Next steps - Action planning



Supervisors/Managers at all levels.


Course Length

One full workday, with two 15 minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch.