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Both private and public organizations have sought new ways to improve both their work processes and their working relationships to meet the demands of competition.† Some of these demands include improved products and services, superior customer service, and the optimum development of human resources.† One such technique is the use of employee surveys to involve employees in meeting organizational mission statements and objectives.† This is a working session developed for participants from the same organization who want to design and implement a unique, company-specific program.




§† Design an effective all-employee survey.

§† Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to communicate the new

††† program.

§† Identify facilitatorís roles and responsibilities in the process.

§† Identify managerís roles and responsibilities in the process.




§† Phase 1

During this first phase, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to develop an effective all-employee survey program and will begin to design their own survey.


§† Phase 2

A thorough understanding of any new program is important to its acceptance and effectiveness.† Since employee apprehension may be a factor in the success of this program, it is a good idea to address those concerns in a marketing plan.


§† Phase 3

Identified facilitators who will share the survey results with managers and employees will attend Phase 3 to practice facilitating an effective feedback meeting.


§† Phase 4

Each manager in the organization will attend Phase 4 to learn to read the survey results and practice conducting an effective feedback meeting.




§† Employees from different departments of the same organization

††† who have in-depth knowledge of the organizationís goals and

††† culture: Phases 1 and 2.

§† Identified facilitators: Phase 3.

§† All managers in the organization: Phase 4.

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