Text Box: Training and Course Design 
with Emphasis in Development of Employee and Management Interpersonal Skills

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Text Box: Make DACUM Quality Work for You

Users report the following major advantages of the DACUM process:


¤  provides a solid foundation for educational/training program


¤  maximizes workers input and buy-in

¤  is efficient -- requiring only two days instead of weeks

¤  results in the identification of all critical duties and tasks

¤  strengthens business-industry linkages (BIL) and support


A DACUM chart can be used as a basis for:


¤  training needs assessment

¤  curriculum development/revision

¤  sound management decisions

¤  worker performance evaluations

¤  competency test development

¤  trainee achievement records

¤  school-to-work connections

¤  meeting ISO/QS 9000 and TQM standards

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Text Box: Strengths of the DACUM Process

As a manager or developer of occupational training programs, you need to know exactly what happens at the work site.  DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) can make that connection for you.


DACUM is an innovative approach to job/occupational analysis.  It has proven to be a very effective method of quickly determining, at relatively low cost, the tasks that must be performed by persons employed in a given job or occupational area.


The DACUM process for occupational analysis involves men and women with reputations for being the “top performers” at their jobs.  These workers become the Panel of Experts who collectively and cooperatively describe the occupation.


Working on a short-term committee assignment with a qualified DACUM facilitator, these workers tell us precisely what they do in the language of the occupation.  That means we get the straight story from the people on the job, the ones who know.  In turn, your instructors, curriculum developers, and administrators get information that’s hard to come by.  And when the process Is completed, you’ll have a complete DACUM research chart - a graphic profile of the important duties and tasks required of successful workers in the occupation developed by expert workers from that occupation.