Developing a 360° Feedback Instrument




During the past ten years, organizations have sought new ways to develop performance-management systems that help staff become more effective and organizations more productive.  One such technique is the use of 360° performance feedback: providing managers and/or employees with performance feedback from multiple sources.  This is a working session developed for participants from the same organization who want to design and implement a company-specific 360° performance feedback program that is uniquely their own.




¤  Design an effective 360° performance feedback survey.

¤  Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to communicate the new 

    program to all employees.

¤  Identify manager’s roles and responsibilities in the process.




¤  Phase 1

During this first phase, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to develop an effective 360° performance feedback program and will begin to design their own survey.


¤  Phase 2

A thorough understanding of any new program is important to its acceptance and effectiveness.  Since employee apprehension may be a factor in the success of this program, it is a good idea to address those concerns in a marketing plan.


¤  Phase 3

Each manager in the organization will attend Phase 3 to learn to read the 360° survey feedback report and practice conducting an effective feedback meeting for their employees.




¤  Employees from different departments of the same organization

    who have in-depth knowledge of the organization’s goals and

    culture: Phases 1 and 2.

¤  All managers in the organization: Phase 3.

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